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R will not be a mystery for very long, if you follow this book. September 11, - Published on Amazon. My professor wrote this book, he knows his stuff. He also knows how to distill information for the novice audience that this book was written for. February 18, - Published on Amazon. This is a type book type of book.

The reading is not as dry as most though. The over all material is easy to over stand.

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Definitely for beginners though. June 10, - Published on Amazon. Excellent, easy-to-follow handbook for those wanting to get started with R. Would recommend! Go to Amazon.

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Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery on millions of eligible domestic and international items, in addition to exclusive access to movies, TV shows, and more. Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Audible Download Audio Books. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Both of them omit a large number of facts and theories which the student ought to have before him: Mr. Cruttwell occasionally even sinks to inaccuracy.

About three years ago I suggested to Mr. Middleton that he should try to fill up this gap with a book, in which he should bring together all the information that a student should have ready to his hand in reading the more familiar classical authors, that he should keep down the size of his book by omitting all that the student does not want, and that he should set before his readers the evidence on which each fact rests, so that they might be led to form opinions and judgments of their own.

There will always remain doubts as to the facts and dates, e. The present book will, as I hope, be found useful as an aid to that method of teaching and of study, provided that both teacher and pupil bear in mind that it is a companion to other books—not a book complete in itself. Livius Andronicus, according to the poet Accius, was taken prisoner at the capture of Tarentum by Q. Fabius Maximus in B. Maximo quintum consule captum Tarenti scripsit Livium annis xxx. Cornelio Q. Minucio coss. But ancient evidence is unanimous that he was the first literary writer of Rome, and this is confirmed by his archaic language.

Hence the statement of Cicero ibid. Claudio Caeci filio et M. Tuditano coss. In quo tantus error Acci fuit, ut his consulibus xl. Probably Accius, finding in his authorities that Livius was taken prisoner at the capture of Tarentum i. It is probable that Livius was the slave of C. Livius Salinator, the father of the victor of Sena M. Livius Salinator , and taught the latter; for he must have been set free before B. This connexion made M. Livius Salinator when consul, B. For his services the privileges of a guild were assigned to writers and actors.

Livy xxvii.

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Carmen in Iunonem reginam canentes ibant illa tempestate forsitan laudabile rudibus ingeniis, nunc abhorrens et inconditum, si referatur. Livius had a twofold reason for writing, a To assist him in his profession as a schoolmaster he published a translation of the Odyssey ; b as an actor, he wrote the plays he acted, and afterwards published them.

Livy vii. Thus l. A translation of the Odyssey in Saturnians.

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So Hor. I, 69 sqq.

The R Student Companion

For examples of translation, of. Gell, xviii. Livi Andronici, qui inscriptus est Odyssea, in quo erat versus primus As he served in the First Punic War, he cannot in any case have been born later than B. He was a Campanian by birth. Itaque postquam est Orci traditus thesauro, obliti sunt Romae loquier lingua Latina. D xix. Naevius poeta fabulas apud populum dedit, quem M. Varro in libris de poetis primo stipendia fecisse ait bello Poenico primo, idque ipsum Naevium dicere in eo carmine, quod de eodem bello scripsit.

In his plays he attacked the senatorial party, particularly the Metelli, and was imprisoned, but afterwards released. Unde post a tribunis plebis exemptus est, cum in his, quas supra dixi, fabulis delicta sua et petulantias dictorum, quibus multos ante laeserat, diluisset. Naevius was banished and went to Utica, where he died, probably about B. It must have been after peace was concluded B.

The verses on Scipio quoted above could hardly have been written before the battle of Zama. Jerome yr. Naevius seems to have adopted contaminatio [5] in his plays. Bellum Punicum , an epic poem in Saturnians, divided later into seven Books. About seventy-four lines are extant. Octavius Lampadio Naevii Punicum bellum, uno volumine et continenti scriptura expositum, divisit in septem libros. Books i. In Book iii. The work was imitated by Ennius and Virgil, sometimes closely by the latter.

Servius on Aen. Hic locus totus sumptus a Naevio est ex primo libro belli Punici. Maccius Plautus, was discovered by Ritschl in the Ambrosian Milan palimpsest, which gives, e. The MSS. The name of the poet is lost, and the epitomizer has doubtless made a mistake. From this notice, and from the passage of Gellius below, we learn that Plautus lost in foreign trade the money he had made as an assistant to scenic artists, and had to work for his living in a flour mill at Rome, during which time he wrote plays, and continued to do so afterwards.

We conclude from these varied employments that Plautus can hardly have been less than thirty years old when he began to write plays. His intimacy with the Scipios Cic. If we suppose that his career as a playwright commenced at thirty, and that his acquaintance with the Scipios lasted ten years, the year of his birth must have been about B. This view is supported 1 by the notice in Cic. Now the Pseudolus was written B.

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Varrone positum esset in libro de poetis primo:. About one hundred and thirty plays were current under the name of Plautus; the theory of Varro Gell. Besides the genuine plays the names of thirty-two others are known. The original and the date are unknown. The play shows the features of the Sicilian Rhinthonica. The scene is Thebes, which, with Roman carelessness or ignorance, is made a harbour; cf. Asinaria sc.

The R Student Companion by Brian Dennis

Asinariam volt esse, si per vos licet. The end of the play is lost.

The scene is Athens.